Viva Adventures in Hair!

Viva Adventures in Hair, history you’ve probably never heard of before! Set in 1622 Macau’s Portuguese colony, Ciaran Magee, Michael Richardson and Laurence Rosier Staines play out a heated tale of conspiracy, searching for the city’s next viceroy. Each year he lights a great fire, and each year he dies. Comedy ensues in the search for their next leader, as passions are inflamed and the threat of Dutch invasion looms.

The cast have been acting and doing improv together since 2010, amounting to great onstage chemistry, energy and physicality. With further experience in game theory, philosophy and screen writing, the talented trio wear many hats – literally. They transform themselves into 25 characters to search for the next viceroy of Macau. Though this arrangement may be hard to keep up with at times, it’s not often you find a historical comedy, and a hilarious slapstick in one. People waiting for the fifth episode Game of Thrones will appreciate the intricate conspiracies, odd erotic coupling and multiple stabbings. Thankfully, audiences will find these far less painful than The Red Wedding. History buffs will be impressed by the show’s attention to detail amidst hilarious inaccuracies. Everybody else should just go and marvel at the hat collection.

Although the show has finished, you can keep up to date with these comedians through the following YouTube channel…
My Own Dad

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