What is the Monash Student Association?

Most of you reading this probably know what the Monash Student Association is- it’s an organisation dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your time at Uni. But what you might not know is some of the more detailed services we provide. It’s incredibly important- particularly in 2014- to learn more, become more involved and spread the word about the student union.

If you were to break down what the MSA does in two simple sections, we provide both representation and services. However, for those who have ever been involved in the MSA know that those two key words do not go far enough to explain the MSA’s reach.

When you step on campus for the first time, purchasing an MSA Card may not seem like the first thing on your mind- but it should be!. Not only does the card support you on a tight budget with sweet discounts, but when you support your student union, it gives back benefits to students. The more student union members, the greater capacity the MSA has to support students!

Under its representative function, the MSA lobbies and campaigns on issues that students care about. This includes supporting rallies, providing proposals to University administrators, and petitioning on-campus.

The broad spectrum of issues covered by the MSA ranges from social justice and environment issues to on-campus issues including public transport, accessibility of libraries, cost of textbooks, the amount of scholarships offered, and much more!

Having an MSA Membership means  way more than a sweet McDonald’s discount – it gives your elected representatives the traction to get the things that you need during your education.

The MSA also provides numerous services –we run Sir John’s Bar, Host Scheme, MSA Activities, Student Theatre (MUST), Free Food Mondays and many more – which without both engagement and membership support, we would not be able to provide. Not to mention, with an MSA Card, you also get greater access to our services.

Finally, in a year where integral services are threatened, your student union defends the things you need most, including: Youth Allowance, start-up scholarships, education funding, health services and much more! So make sure you join the MSA, get involved, and make your time at University  a greater and a more diverse experience.

What’s new so far in 2014?

MSA Humpday

Performances from student-run bands, clubs, and groups on the Lemon Scented Lawns EVERY Wednesday at midday, with free food provided

MSA Household Goods Service

Free hire of household goods including lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, grass trimmers, steam mops, trolleys, and toolsets

MSA Members Week

The revamped and bigger than ever MSA Members Week will be during Week 2, with a Moonlight Cinema, Menzies Festival, free breakfast, massive giveaways, a discounted Bar Night, and much more!

Weekly HOT Breakfasts

The improved Breakfast Club will now feature weekly hot breakfasts on the Menzies Lawn, starting at 8am every Wednesday morning – come and grab some bacon & eggs and the classics that you love

Workers’ Rights Advisory Service (WRAS)

WRAS is a volunteer program run by students to support unionism in the workforce, but also to provide advice regarding workplace rights and your right to have decent working conditions and awards

MSA Beanbags

Watch out for the new MSA beanbags which will feature in all MSA spaces and all of our outdoor events. Feel free to sit down and relax while enjoying a sausage or use them as a study space

Host Year Program

The Host Year program is in its first year and will allow all students a point of contact with someone in-the-know. This program is free to join and offers awesome benefits. Feel free to come and say ‘hi’ to someone in orange this year!

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