What shall I do with all this heartache?

Words by Piper Blake


What shall I do with all this heartache?

It beats a panicked awkward rhythm as it trips forth from my chest

Strangling, then spilling free in keening cries of loss


I stand alone


They’ve turned their back, eyes closed, ears shut

To the broken tears of a dying land

Of drought, fire, flood, heat, storm, wind, ice, waves

Of terrors still to come, 

Of death and darkness omnipotent,

Of hopeless days, 

Of lonely nights.


Try and hide as others do under heavy blankets

Close your eyes, shut out the news, and take a shot at silence


But this grief is a stubborn beast,

It sticks like burs in matted fur 

And no amount of hacking, teasing, coaxing, pleading

Can make it go away.


“Won’t somebody help?!”




I am my only echo.


Some days I feel that I could drown

In tears of grieving for this land,

The beauty, power, life and grace of Mother Nature



No, not lost. Murdered.


Lifeblood dripping free

Like sand collecting in the hourglass

A whispered threat 

That time 

Is not



Piper Blake

The author Piper Blake

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