Why You Should Get Involved in Radio Monash

Georgie McColm is President of Radio Monash.

Why You Should Get Involved in Radio Monash This Year!

Radio Monash, aka Radmon, is one of the coolest places you can be on campus. Starting all the way back in 1972, we have a long history of providing students with awesome opportunities to get into creative media. Whilst we may have radio in the name, Radio Monash is a lot more than just radio!


So What is Radio Monash, and What Do We Do?

Radio Monash is an independent radio station that is run for students, by students. We are the only student radio station left in Victoria that is completely operated by a student committee, which makes our community so unique and vibrant.

The main thing we are known for is providing students the opportunity to host their own radio shows! Live to air every week, students can come and talk about a variety of topics, play music and bring the vibes from our station based on the second floor of Campus Centre next to Sir John’s Bar.

The broadcast studio can also be used to produce podcasts as well! So if you have ever wanted to try recording your own programme, here is the best place to do it.

Not only are we a radio station, but we have a long-running history of supporting student artists and bands. One of the ways we do this is by having our very own recording studio! That’s right, we have two amazing studios at Radio Monash that are free for our members to use. This space can be used to record any style of music you like, or have a band rehearsal.

Radio Monash also has a thriving Journalism department that specialises in music and radio journalism. We pride ourselves on having reputable articles that are edited and curated by our awesome directors. So why not send in an article about a gig you’ve seen lately? 

As a result of our deep roots in student music culture here at Monash, we also have some really awesome events. If you’re interested in live music from local talent, come and check out the events that we host throughout the year! We also do academic broadcast events too!


Why Should I Join Radio Monash?

Switching to first person here, I believe if you want to make the most out of your university experience, regardless of if you’re a new student or in your final year, joining a place like Radio Monash can bring you so many opportunities. You can meet people from all different types of degrees with a variety of interests, and join an awesome community that supports and encourages one another. We have the benefit of having a physical space on campus that is welcome to all of our members, so you’ll normally always find someone in there open to having a chat. 

Maybe you might want to host a radio show, record music, or write an article for our journalism department, but you can also just come and hang out and enjoy being a part of an awesome community.


This sounds awesome! How can I get involved?

  • Become a Member! Go to the MSA website and become a member today.

  • Host a Radio Show! Check out our socials and website to find out more about when we release show applications. Hint: submissions are open from February 19 to March 15!

  • Join our specific Presenter shows! We will be having some specific shows that are already looking for presenters, so send us an email or DM if you’re interested. (Check out the website too!)


  • Use our Recording Studio! Walk in and meet our recording studio director, or book online to get inducted to use the space.


  • Join our Subcommittees! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for when we are recruiting. If you’re interested in dipping your toes in without the full commitment, this is the perfect place to start.


  • Join the committee! We are always on the lookout for people that want to get seriously involved! Send us an email or DM, or just pop into the space and have a chat with our lovely committee members. 

  • Become a MSA volunteer We also run volunteering stuff through the MSA that can range from O-Week to worker bees!


To conclude, if you are looking for a place to be during your uni life, come and check out Radio Monash. We promise you won’t forget it! You can find us on our socials @radiomonash on Instagram and Facebook, our website: and on the second floor of Campus Centre!

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