You Have $15 Dollars And You Want To Eat… Asian?

I’ve never been to Asia but I do know my Beef Hor Fun from my Nasi Goreng, and my Seafood Laska from my Tom Yum. If these words mean nothing to you then don’t worry! I also know where to find tasty Asian food, with no need for dodgy pronunciations or the price tag of a high-class deconstructed spring roll. The top four are as follows:

Noodle Kingdom, 469 High St, Preston

Although its location isn’t great, this is as gourmet as a student can get. Awarded 43 out of 50 by the Age, the chef makes all noodles fresh and can be seen through the front window stringing them out for your din din. Considering the rave reviews, the food is still cheap, with the Beef Hor Fun leaving you change for a drink or an order of homemade dim sims. The line is usually out the door though, so call ahead!

Dannys and Clammys , 605 Station St, Box Hill

This is the go-to dumpling house of the eastern suburbs. A serve of 15 juicy dumplings will set you back around $8.50 depending on your preferred filling. This leaves plenty of change for a few entrees, or even the signature Shanghai noodles for another $8. I know that doesn’t add up to $15 dollars but hey, why not share with a friend? Or a date?

Vietnamese Noodle Bar, 251 Swanston St, City

I’ve brought friends here a few times. There are lots of options to choose from and the place is always busy. The colour scheme isn’t great but who cares when you’re chowing down some perfectly delicious chicken satay skewers. The dish to try here is the calamari with spicy salt for a $10 bill. Wash it down with a homemade ice tea for $2.50 or order some wontons for a crunchy end to the night.

Your Thai, 255 Swanston St, City

The neighbour of Vietnamese Noodle Bar, its competition that keeps these eateries cheap. While you wait for your order, try a smoothie; Mango and Strawberry ($3.90) are my favourites! If you have never tried Pad Thai (approx. $10), this is the place. Order up and enjoy.

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