What is Lot’s Wife?

Lot’s Wife is a free publication at Monash University (Clayton campus). A division of the Monash Student Association, Lot’s Wife is completely student written and organised.

Lot’s Wife delivers quality content spanning from arts and science features to music reviews and creative writing, all generated by students who gain valuable writing and journalistic experience.

We have four core sections, each corresponding to various topics and fields: Campus, Analysis, Culture and Creative. Naturally, the magazine is not only limited to those sections, as we aim to intersperse the more regular content with more unique and engaging articles and pieces in order to truly cater to all regards of Monash’s lively community.

In 2019 we have the biggest editorial team in the history of Lot’s Wife ready to bring you an amazing magazine, and these editors are Isabelle Ryan, Sarah Said, Marlo Sullivan, Bridget Hackett, Callum McDonald, Daniel Target, Erin Anderson, Jan Morgiewicz, Dao, Rachel Hehl, Leonard Maletzke & Nell O’Shea Carre.