Everything, Everywhere, All at Once: ADHD and Intergenerational Trauma

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This review contains mild spoilers for Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022). I always feel a sort of profound sadness when I’m consuming media that has an Asian-led cast – while I am eternally grateful for our stories to be told and our voices to be amplified – I’m also keenly aware of how different every Asian person’s life experiences can be. Crazy Rich Asians celebrates Chinese and Singaporean culture in a way that is entirely inaccessible to the regular person. Ann Liang, a viral author known for her K-drama stories and Asian characters writes fun rom-coms with unrealistic plotlines.
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As a Director

Cultural performance rehearsal – Louis Perez
As a Director Words by Imi Rachael Vassallo   Has acted, stage managed, and designed for the stage, but their true passion is theatre directing. A current honours student studying theatre and performance, and writing their thesis on famed director Peter Brook, Imi studies how direction lifts words from a page and gives them life.    Directing is guiding.   The director is typically pictured or depicted as someone who ‘directs’. In other words, a director is someone who gives very precise orders regarding the most specific nuances of a film. Some picture a director screaming tauntingly at the actors
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Hope Ignites: From Darkness to Triumph

Words by Anonymous Art by H.Hidai     As Samira navigated through the murky waters of her tumultuous life, she encountered an array of obstacles that would have broken the spirit of the strongest individuals. Her unyielding determination to fight for what she believed in was awe-inspiring, and her unwavering hope in the face of adversity was a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. The trauma that Samira experienced in her homeland of Afghanistan was a heavy burden that she carried with her, a weight that threatened to crush her at every turn. Her journey through the refugee
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