Book review: Fearless Footsteps edited by Nathan James Thomas and Jennifer Roberts

Reviewed by Weng Yi Wong Having a bad case of wanderlust during a global pandemic is the pits. Before, we had time constraints, economic barriers or logistical difficulties to crush our dreams of travelling to faraway lands. Now, the uncertainty of when international travel can resume again has put a definitive end to any immediate plans for foreign adventure. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of memoirs, blogs or guidebooks to help us vicariously (if not a little wistfully) live out our travel dreams. Making its own contribution to this catalogue of travel stories is Fearless Footsteps, a collection of personal
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Documentary Review: Netflix’s American Factory (2019)

American factory
Reviewed by Ong Jie Yee   You have run out of excuses to not watch Netflix’s American Factory; it was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, it won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year, and now you are stuck at home with all the time in the world.  If you are looking for a documentary about the US-China trade war and President Trump’s endless tirade against China, American Factory is about more than that. The documentary is interested in the cultural side of work ethics.   American Factory follows the entrance of a Chinese automobile glass manufacturing company, Fuyao, into the state of Ohio. Blue-collar Chinese and
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The World is One Kilometre: Greville Street, Prahran: A Review

Art By Abbie Cooper By Evangeline Yong  Sometimes it seems as if Melbourne and its inner suburbs simply materialised as a full-blown metropolis, complete with city skyline, streets ordered in a perfect grid, and concrete sidewalks interspersed with manicured gardens. Perhaps it’s because Melbourne is a young city in comparison to London or Rome, its oldest buildings dating from the 1800s, its main attractions not castles or cathedrals but graffitied alleyways like Hozier Lane, cosy cafes on Degraves Street, vintage warehouses in Brunswick, diminutive bookshops in Fitzroy, and restaurants on almost every street and laneway boasting cuisines from all over
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Lot’s MD

Lot’s MD  Eleutheromania - Wanderlust  By Emma Burgess  Is your spirit unsettled? Does your restlessness leave you useless or neurotic?