Comedy Review: ‘Good Egg’ – Scout Boxall (Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021)

Scout Boxall Good Egg – Landscape Hero – credit Theresa Harrison
If chaotic comedy sounds like your thing, then Scout Boxall’s Good Egg is the show for you. Boxall presents a surreal mix of schoolyard humour and crass satirical commentary in an energetic, witty show.    Held in the Quilt Room at the Trades Hall, the space is dimmed and intimate. The night I attended it was a full house, which filled the room with electric energy. The performance starts with a voiceover announcing that the show has no narrative and no arc, an announcement welcomed by audience applause.    Boxall is non-binary, dressed in an all-white jumpsuit reminiscent of the
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Documentary Review: Meat the Future (dir. Liz Marshall) (2020)

Meat the Future
Reviewed by Jaclyn Holland The idea of cell-grown meat has gained a huge amount of traction since Dutch scientist Mark Post dished out the first in vitro grown hamburger in 2013. With the promise of providing an environmentally friendly way to continue eating meat, without any associated loss of animal life, it’s easy to see why the media are so enthralled. At the same time, however, there is a prevailing discomfort with what some call “frankenburgers”, as well as opposition to the product even using the name “meat”. With this in mind, renowned Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall’s documentary Meat the
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A Foul Slice of Sherry Pie

BY EMILIO LANERA cw. discussion of sexual assault When I first saw the circulated Facebook status about current RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Sherry Pie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. “I have a weird story to tell about Sherry Pie,” the first line said. Before amateur actor Ben Shimkus told us his story about Sherry Pie, he described how important the show was to him and the gay community, likening it to the Super Bowl. Being a fan of Drag Race myself I agreed with Ben’s sentiments and read on. “However, I’m not sure if I will be able to watch
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