In Conversation: Don’t Try to Box in Terry Presume

Credit: Grant Spanier
Words by Reece Hooker Terry Presume may be the next big thing, but the Nashville-based rising star isn’t scared by the moment. Presume speaks to Lot’s Wife about improving his craft, repping his hometown and how his upcoming EP is another step forward. Credit: Grant Spanier In his music video for ‘ZaZa and Some Runtz (Smoke Break)’, Terry Presume sits shirtless on a closed toilet seat, pinching a lit blunt between his thumb and index finger. The camera zooms in on the musician’s face, highlighting his septum piercing and litany of face tattoos. He stares the camera down and flashes
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Theatre Review: FANGIRLS (Arts Centre Melbourne)

Pop-star obsession and ‘fangirl’ devotion are unapologetically celebrated in Yve Blake’s original Australian musical FANGIRLS.  Ever since its premiere in 2019, FANGIRLS has been making waves. It’s become something of a sensation in Australian musical theatre circles and even on TikTok, where its videos have amassed impressive numbers of views. The creation of award-winning playwright and composer Yve Blake, FANGIRLS is a glittering and perceptive take on fangirl behaviour that serves up serotonin by the bucket load. It masquerades as a sparkly pop musical, but interweaves a secondary conceptual thread, adding dimension to what might otherwise be a superficial portrayal
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Theatre Review: Because the Night (Malthouse Theatre)

Malthouse_BecausetheNight_photoPiaJohnson_227 – HEADER (1)
It was only last October when Lot’s Wife published an interview in which I “mourned the prospect” that it would likely take years before immersive theatre returned to a post-coronavirus world. A mere five months later, Melbourne’s own Malthouse Theatre has dispelled all previous apprehension with their bold production Because the Night opening on 23 March.  Because the Night is an immersive theatrical experience, loosely inspired by the characters and plot of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In what I can only crudely approximate to a theatrical ‘choose your own adventure’ or the notion of stepping into a real life video game world,
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