The Regina Monologues – review by Harrini Ratnanesan

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Despite being an amateur theatregoer (read: possessing a repertoire limited to having seen only two plays, three if you count Hamilton on Disney+), I had been fairly assured that I knew what would be waiting beyond the doors of 24 Carrot Productions’ The Regina Monologues. Queens from various historical periods, a stage, and a loose plot line that would allow the stories of these women to be told. Some long Shakespearean monologues intertwined perhaps. Instead, what greeted the guests stepping into the Meat Market Stables on opening night, was akin to a museum installation coming to life. 13 queens, some
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Comedy Review: Wonderwall (FAD Gallery) – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021

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Content warning: Mentions of mental health, death and suicide    Down Corrs Lane are some of Melbourne’s most beloved Asian food spots. FAD Gallery sits adjacent to Sichuan House, existing as a somewhat dingy (at least aesthetically) old rocker-style dive bar, walls adorned with some shockingly lewd yet macabre indie art. Perfect for someone like Kaine Hansen – a comedian who’s evidently been ushered into the comedy world through sheer proximity to death.   Wonderwall begins rather unwittingly as Kaine Hansen’s raspy, Darth-Vader-esque low-pitched drone fills the room. It is only through looking at the audience that I realise the
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Interview: Brittain Ashford on Making Music and Maintaining Mild Optimism during a Pandemic

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Words by Weng Yi Wong Brittain Ashford’s characteristically emotive vocals and ambient sounds are at their finest in her latest collaboration with Matt Bauer, Day Inside a Night. This four-track gem of an EP worms its way into deep recesses of the soul and settles there, lingering like an unshakable memory. Ahead of the EP’s release on November 13, the Brooklyn based performer and singer-songwriter generously navigated time zones to speak to Lot’s Wife about her music, her hopes, and her humbling life lessons from Broadway. A deeply introspective quality pervades Day Inside a Night, both in sound and subject
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