JobKeeper Reductions – A Road to Poverty

By Anvita Nair Editor's Note: Opinions expressed are not necessarily the views of Lot's Wife The Government’s JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme has caused much debate in recent months. Created to offset the significant hit to the Australian economy due to COVID-19 restrictions, it has resulted in the Government pumping an unprecedented $128 billion into the economy since April. However, this whopping amount remains inaccessible to many of our most vulnerable.  The basis of the JobKeeper regime was to provide support to eligible businesses and not-for-profits, allowing them to keep paying wages and stay afloat. An eligible employee is any currently-employed
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Rafal’s “LOTS OF NEWS” Weekly Breakdown: 6 – 11 June 2020

Horse BLM protests photo
Rafal is here to share her take on the events of the week, providing all the news and commentary you will need. Editor’s Note: Opinions expressed in this piece are not necessarily indicative of the views of the editorial board Welcome to the Lots of News Update: these were the headlines for the June 6 to June 11. You can check out the video version below. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers please note that the video contains images of the long-deceased:   IN TERTIARY NEWS Monash University is forecasting a $350 million downturn in revenue this year. (The Age)
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A Thorn in Scomo’s Side: Dan’s the Man in Victoria 

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Words by James Desmond Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in the piece are the author's, and are not necessarily representative of the views of Lot's Wife. The author is a member of the Australian Labor Party.  In many ways, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews finds himself fighting a war on two fronts; chiefly, against the COVID-19 pandemic (the health, societal and economic consequences of which will be felt for generations to come), and most ridiculously, against both the Victorian and Federal Liberal parties, hellbent on undermining him at every turn.  Regarding the former, one would be hard-pressed to find legitimate criticisms for
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