Bushfire Crisis: The Rich Are Happy To Let Us Burn

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NOTE: The views expressed in the piece are the writer's, and are not necessarily the views of Lot's Wife By Corey Everitt Four thousand people are stranded on a beach. The night sky has turned from pitch black to a crimson red. Communication is gone, the roar of a wall of fire becomes louder, the smoke is suffocating. A siren is heard from inland: this is their signal. They must enter the water because land is no longer safe. As the fire encircles them, there is no certainty of what to do next, no word of rescue. This is not
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Immoral Art

By Neil Lightman    Art has been a centre point of human civilisation for millennia. We treat the mastery of an artform as a goal worthy of pursuit and spend billions of dollars every year on financing art. But nowadays, when a piece of art manages to be the topic of discussion on a news program or television show, the art is usually accused by some of being immoral or improper in some way. How can art be immoral, is immoral art of any value, and should it be possible to regulate immoral art?    What is an immoral art piece? The following pieces of
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WHAT IS ‘PIVOT’? A RECENT HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Whilst the word “pivot” tends to be feared by overly cautious career politicians, shifts in policies have become a recurring theme in modern politics. With greater economic and political volatility, our leaders continue to protect domestic interests through changes to short-term and long-term strategic goals. Although policy pivots have aimed to advance the position of a country in the anarchic international order, all changes have had ramifications on both a domestic and international stage. Pivot to Cold War Hostilities The end of the Second World War brought about a supposed lasting
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