These Words Are Not Action Not Justice

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Words by Riya Rajesh   oh, so you want to see colonial rage bloody a page to see a woman, teeth bared, write fire want lyricism and poignant pain too bad today, I can’t today, I am pointed gnitirw ton m’I yadot uoy rof not when people are dying in poverty incarcerated unlawfully a fucking juxtaposition not when we’ve watched and accepted not when champagne sippers sing virtue sweet mouths bubble, boneless and cursive this story was not made for Instagram this is no one’s soap opera this is fear and vitriol remember remember the real people in your posts
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Small Wonders

by Olivia Shenken Attend to the minor miracles. They will not call out to be seen. Like listening to the shuffle of fabric on fabric, texture on skin, as I fold and hang my clothes. I’m de-entropising my room, shrinking piles of clothes like levelled hills, grass and earth carefully shifted by attentive implements, sensitive hands sifting through pockets. Like touching the woollen softness of scarves and jumpers. The clink, slide and rattle of rearranging clothes-hangers. This gentle language of domesticity smooths the edges of my internal spaces. The whispers of familiar objects are warm caresses. Like clouds. Just clouds.
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by Clarissa Kwee  Outside Dragon Boat House, she stared at her phone screen. The text glowed but didn’t register, like there was a disconnect between ‘white guy

How to glow up

And it gets better  or you get better  but you realise that hurt people hurt people   and that’s not the kind of person you want to be.  Oh, you of sunflower heart and starlight soul  only ever equipped to nurture  go, go out and grow others.   Learn that you will flourish whatever the conditions.  Listen to the wise and share what you have gathered so far.  Let the memories keep you warm,  for where there is heat, there is light.    How to glow up // Cassandra Fong  Art by Tanzia Amreen-Haq! 
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