An Imposter’s Will

Words by Louis Perez

Content warning: allusions to mental illness


A faceless nameless entity
Always beside me
Whispering thoughts of despair
I am nothing more than a fraud

Compliments are numbing
Achievements, meaningless
From once a high achiever
Reduced to a soul
enslaved by doubts

Cannot progress, remain stagnant
Guided by uncertainties
awash in regret

Congratulations they say
All lies, I say
You are not capable enough
not strong enough
not worthy enough

Yes, yes. Isn’t it the truth?
The will to fight, is an impossible journey
Rest assured there is hope
to break the shackles the mind has caged
Would love to say
Farewell imposter
But you don’t want me
to believe it’s that time of the day

Louis Perez

The author Louis Perez

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