Art by Lucinda Campbell

Oil on canvas


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This oil painting depicts one of the tallest buildings outside of
Melbourne’s CBD; the Box Hill Sky One building. This building
was not only depicted due to its aesthetic visual appeal, but
to symbolise Melbourne’s increasing urbanisation and population density that will continue into the future. As such, this
work explores this magazine’s additional prompt regarding
consideration of where the world is headed.
The central placement of the building, its great size, and the inclusion of shining windows seek to position the building in such
a way that prompts one to view it as a ‘landscape’ in itself; to
view it as one might view the ocean or mountains.
By including figures riding bikes, one is also encouraged to
consider the rising use of environmentally friendly forms of
transportation. It also highlights the rising sense of community
that may accompany apartment living, for due to small room
sizes, many may choose to partake in more leisurely activities
such as bike riding within their local area.

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