Just what it feels like to bleed

Each month I lie in pain,
Left alone in my thoughts and anxieties.
The seconds, fading away ever so reluctantly,
Yet the days fl y by ever so unproductively.
I wonder and I ask,
Why don’t you have this curse?
Why have I been chained here when I never
I am love and care,
Despite the pain and constraint.
I shower you with my joy,
Despite my cup being shattered with blood and
You sit there,
Unaware, reluctant,
Is raising your voice all you’re good for?
You steal my opportunities,
While I melt away with the voices in my head.
And yet, I’m expected to be better,
And smile, and always smile,
Till my face is ripped out,
torn up into shreds from your control.

Words by menstruating me

menstruating me

The author menstruating me

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