Manifestation – a mindset, a tool or a joke.

Zoe Elektra

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Manifestation for me, is the brief moment before action, before the formulation of a plan and to me can be viewed as the initial conception of a goal. 


I manifest the inspiration for my goals, but I do not believe by default I will attract my goals. When we begin to discuss bringing something from our internal reality to physical existence, I don’t believe we can attract our goals at all. On the contrary, I believe our goals are attracted through various appealing factors, whether it be money, notoriety or something else. I also don’t believe that our goals are unique but it’s rather our choices on how we get there are. I also believe manifestation is as effective as a person’s disciplines and motivations. My motivations for as long as I can remember have come from seeing the impact my choices have on the wider world and how my treatment of others can cultivate positive environments of growth.


Aspects of manifestation that refer only to positive energy, focusing purely on the result or even elements of gratitude journaling are lost on me. I believe setting a precedent of positive energy continuously being associated with your goals sets a false sense of what it means to work towards something and what it means to work through tribulation. No goal (for me at least) has been 100% smooth and often my greatest achievements have come as a result of a mindset and mentality that were shaped and bent through hardship. Likewise, focusing purely on what you want to achieve and letting go of the process in the hope of utilising the power of attraction loses the greatest part of any achievement: the journey. For younger generations especially, I can also see a trend of manifestation inciting false realities of constant control, a false reality of positive resolutions and a sentiment of visualisation being the key driver to achieving any result. Something I find worrying as our leaders of tomorrow develop and become fully fledged adults. 


Where I do see value with trends of manifestation is positioning people to consider their futures, their desires and their goals. If the concept/trend of manifestation is required to ask tough questions and provoke serious inner dialogue then I’m all for it. Especially in a post COVID-19 world, people have stagnated, become uninterested and with a “25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide”, after the first year of covid, maybe a culture of manifestation, whether or not we believe in its effectiveness is what we need to give insight into genuine discussions about where we want to go as people. 


I do believe manifestation holds its true strength in the adjustment of language and thought towards oneself which can often lead to creating a culture of achievement, teamwork and community.

Examples of internal adjustments:

Don’t say “if”, say “when”.
Don’t wish you had more, acknowledge what you already have.
Don’t view it as a problem, view it as an opportunity to grow through challenge.

Language towards others can also be altered. If someone tells you their idea or goal, manifest a desire to care, don’t disregard it because one day you’ll attempt to manifest a goal and someone will view you as crazy and delusional until it works. Be curious, not judgemental.

I believe it’s a fine line to make these internal adjustments and not become too invested in the fad of what manifestation is often made out to be by influencers and social media – a clear cut method to getting what you want. I think if we can find a balance that works within ourselves to shoot for incredible goals but find realistic, manageable steps to achieve them, why not adopt manifestation to a degree? Observe the “ways to manifest” but don’t follow the widespread routines because you’re told to. Create new routines and processes unique to you and create foundational tools and habits that will allow you to push closer towards your goals. 


Like I said earlier I truly believe we all have the same goals but our approaches are different, whether you are hunting for power, money or something more we are all fighting for freedom, choice and for purpose. 


“Dream big dreams. Small dreams have no magic.” — Dottie Boreyko


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