Puppetry of the Penis @ MICF

So far in our lives, we haven’t felt the need to pay to have middle-aged men wave their junk in our faces – let’s face it, this really isn’t far from how we generally spend our Friday nights.

Foreplay for Puppetry of the Penis was initiated by the lovely Christine Basil who set the mood with some wicked words and a peek into the world of a naughty nanna that opened us up for a good night. As they pulled out the equipment, we sat down in the cockpit; they secured the baggage, and we prepared for our long ride. We should warn you, there is a splash zone of around three rows (its not just sweat).

“Oh wow!” we exclaimed after our first ever experience of waiting for flaccid penises. A fair warning would be that this show has more cock than a KFC Big Box (including a special kind of fried chicken). The truly virtuous should stay at home as this amounts to over an hour of full frontal man meat. Landmarks, food, animals and even our beloved childhood characters took new form for the night. That said, a camera, audience and CGI added an air of professionalism, rarely said in regards to two men tickling the turtle together. The show quickly erected with a standard of penis play we all see boys get to after a few beers (it’s not just us right?), and climaxed after making sure we had a warm tingly feeling in our seats.

Puppetry of the penis is an odd name given that there is no puppets or strings and only wood – but Nacho and Fitchy use their shafts, testicles and scrotums in a unique way that comes from a dick-ade of being far too experimental with a sensitive region* So grab yourselves a cock-tail, (we recommend a penis-colada or a man-hat-in) this is a rare opportunity to laugh at a man’s penis and have nobody feel ashamed.

*No penises were harmed in the production, we asked and they are fully functional.

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