The Best Eats on Clayton Campus 

So, you’ve been sitting in Student Union Recreational Library  for what seems like years, decades even. It’s been a tough day, where you’ve knuckled down and studied (okay, procrastinated) hard. Your brain is exhausted, your stomach is aching for some attention. “Screw it,” your tummy grumbles to you. “You deserve a break!” 

But where should you go for a good feed? We hear you ask desperately. Well, look no further because we’ve got you and your hangry alter ego covered. 


Neptune’s  Seafood Catch 

If you’ve stepped foot onto Campus Centre before you’ll know of this treasure of a place for sure. Heck, it even makes me cringe less at that tasteless rhyme. 

 Their hot chips are literally cheap as chips but somehow manage to taste like pure gold. Grab yourself some fish and chips, maybe throw in a dim sim or a potato cake for good measure, and you’ll be good to go. 



Whether you’re a health nut or you’ve just been consuming too many large- sized hot chips lately and are in need of a detox, Supernatural is your one-stop shop for a nutritious feed. 

Supernatural sells fresh juices, healthy shakes/smoothies, a range of bowls that aren’t just acai, and an array of toasts that aren’t just topped with avo. Of course, these popular options are still on offer because #insta. 

We recommend the Miso Pumpkin toast, and no, I’m not drooling, YOU’RE drooling. 


St Ali Church of Secular Coffee  

If you’re passionate about coffee in the slightest hit up this place ASAP. If you also love brunch culture, which is everyone with a pulse, you’ll love this trendy café. It looks a touch out of place amongst the shrubbery-infested institute that is Monash Clayton campus but hey, at least you’ll find it easily.  

 This St Ali delivers similar dishes to its South Melbourne counterpart, and amongst all the items on the menu, the French toast is oh so yes. 


Guzman Y Gomez 

We refrained from including chains like Subway and Pappa Rich on this list because although delicious and reliable, they’re everywhere. However, an exception was made for our old friend Guzman. You see, he’s done us many favours in the past. From their free burrito deals to their assortment of tasty churros that put our chocolate cravings to rest, they deserve a spot on this very official, important list. After all, restaurants all over the world are just dying to be featured here. We get it, we’re a big deal.  

As for the best item on the menu we recommend anything with the pulled pork – i.e. tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, nachos, – or order it all, we’re certainly not stopping you. 



I’m not one for favouritism but… this one’s my favourite. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but this place has almost convinced me to become one. Almost, if it weren’t for Guzman’s pulled pork and Neptune’s crispy fish just a stones throw away.  


The food is cheap, nourishing, and filling – plus, the friendly environment makes it all the more welcoming. Oh, and they do a $5 muffin and coffee deal you can’t say no to. Seriously, try it and tell us otherwise. 



We can’t imagine any of these food options wouldn’t tickle your fancy – so what are you waiting for? Get in line and put that grumbling tummy to rest! 

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