The Cleaner and the Star

Words by Oliver Cocks


She watched him every day, 

the star.


He’d hit the big time, already, at

only twenty-four. 

His voice was like a

young angel’s, his moves the embodiment

of rhythm, his energy nuclear. 


His song Disco Love had just come out, 

thumping its way to the top, 

the very top. 

She watched him as

she worked as a cleaner at his 

mansion, and thought about

their life together.


Granted, she technically had

a boyfriend, though goodness knows he 

had a habit of vanishing, sometimes

for months. She didn’t want children with him, 

and he was only too happy to agree. 


So, she glanced when she could

at her true boyfriend, who did know 

her name, was always well-mannered,

to a fault, always giving, and

obsessed with germs.


One day, they’d sing

                                   and dance


together. Yes. 


She could see it.

Oliver Cocks

The author Oliver Cocks

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