Why the Must Cabaret Festival 2017 is Unmissable

What is Cabaret? If you were to punch that question into Google you might get some generic result such as, ‘a form of entertainment featuring song and dance set in a distinguishable performance venue’, yet this would not do the theatrical genre justice. To try and define cabaret is like trying to figure out what the hell ‘Grease’ means. In many ways, it’s similar, it might not be the word, but one could easily say that “Cabaret is the time, is the place, is the motion. Cabaret is the way we are feeling.”


Speaking to the curators of this years Monash Uni Student Theatre run Cabaret Festival, Lucy Rosenblum and Kathryn Yates, they agreed with this sentiment. Not only did they want to put the spotlight on a variety of up and coming performers, but they also wanted the two-week showcase to reflect our own Monash ethos in the way only student theatre could.


A celebration of student perspective, talent and all forms of cabaret, the festival takes place over the next two weeks from the 1st to the 12th of August, and no two nights are the same. Each dazzling evening will offer up a differing array of talented, dynamic and innovative performers premiering their new songs, dances, sketches and even original musicals. One can see many of these mediums on the stage in as few nights as possible due to the curated nature of the festival. Improving the quality of each night, the work of Yates and Rosenblum also constructs a platform for younger performers to refine their craft and take another step towards a larger spotlight.


Some of the performers include, the Monash Jazz Orchestra, Melbourne Comedy Festival veterans Tara Dowler, from Pink Flappy Bits, and Patrick Sargant Collins, with Channel 10’s The Project writer Michael Shafar and internationally renowned juggler Joe Fisher. There are also over 30 other different performers to catch over the two week extravaganza, all offering a variety of exceptional music, magic, theatre, dance, drag, burlesque, comedy and other such delights.


The not to be missed event is set within the dazzling, playful atmosphere of the MUST Cabaret Club (in the MUST space, located on the bottom floor of the Campus Centre), featuring a well stocked bar, comfortable table seating and cheap cocktails to fuel the festive spirit. With doors opening and pre-show entertainment starting at 6:30pm and the performance commencing soon after at 7, the MUST Cabaret Festival is a late night treat to be experienced by the well-versed thespian and the casual pedestrian alike.


Tickets are available at:

MUST: Cabaret Festival


$12 – MSA
$14 – Concession
$18 – Full

Enquiries via MUST: 9905 8173



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