Amongst the Buildings

Lucinda Campbell

Amongst the Buildings

Art by Lucinda Campbell

Oil on Canvas


Even amongst the buildings, nature remains. In many places,
plants continue to grow beside buildings that like such plants,
grow and spread with time. This oil painting portrays a secluded staircase overlooking a portion of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower and other skyscrapers; a staircase whose close proximity
to nature has transformed it into a communal meeting area.
Whilst the adjoining portion of St Kilda road that this staircase leads
to is situated on a bridge, its design hides that it is such a structure.
Here, the staircase has been depicted to draw attention to one’s the
distance from the ground, and hence that fact one’s perception of
the ‘surface’ can sometimes become removed from the actual surface, where nature resides. Consequently, with urbanisation and the
increasing use of bridges and high-rise buildings, nature increasingly resides ‘beneath the surface’, which is the theme of this edition.

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