(a poem on intense female friendships, by Sheenam Sharma)


I put you on a pedestal,

And now I look up at you looking down on me, like an enigma so forgettable…

I told you where it hurts,

And you didn’t hesitate to stab right there, like it was already rehearsed…

You told me I meant everything to you,

And I believe your words more than your eyes telling lies, behind the beautiful hazel hue..

I gave you my mind, my heart, and my soul,

And you didn’t flinch a minute to turn that love into pain, taking a toll…

I guess I chose to give myself to you, 

And I can’t blame you for taking me, taking all of me,

When you can’t see that I was alone, in love with you…

Sheenam Sharma

The author Sheenam Sharma

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