Are you ready to swim?

"Keep Swimming" - Mixed media on canvas - By G. C. Edmunds

Are you ready to swim?

Words by G. C. Edmunds


Are you ready to admit that you are out of your depth
Ready to swim with the fi shes
Fundamentally incapable
Your wishes are not strong enough to withstand inept
My dreams are immense
Displayed by this great blue bowl
But yet, what capacity do I have to be any greater?
How should I know?
How should I ask a question
I, a stick in a room full of seashells
What right do I have to be here?
I am not like them
I can’t live in water
Let shallow off shore waters swell
Let justice be done though heaven becomes hell
Crashing like waves
Barrelling waves
I can’t let these reeds tie me down
But treading with the tide, I’m struggling to hide these feelings
The reality of my truth
The glass starts to break
The walls do forsake
There is more to this cage than once was the brim
Are you ready to swim?

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