BREAKING: Now at That Point in the Semester Where it is Socially Acceptable to Wear Sweatpants to Uni

Second year chemical engineering student, Mary, who has a group assignment due in under 24 hours has set the trend.

“When I put these on it was appropriate, and when I am finally able to take them off it will probably be too,” she said.

Walking boldly through the Campus Centre she accompanied her trackies with a coffee stained T-shirt and a look of utter despair.

No one raised an eyebrow, some turned to salute the weary group member for her sacrifice.

Even law students have been spotted opting for the Tommy Hilfiger winter collection over the traditional Ralph Lauren polos.

A fashionista close to Lot’s suggests that when SWOTVAC hits crocs are forecast to make an overdue comeback.

Stay tuned.

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