I saw you yesterday
In a vacant mood I passed with mind
Closed my eyes and travelled through time
Just to meet you again
In the same place, yet different
As the same person, yet different
I now know fear
For each time I close my eyes
And visit that place of solitude
I know it may be the last time
I see -you-
The last time I recognise your face
Then, to never be able to tell your hair
Apart from their’s in a crowded room
Able to tell your eyes
From countless strangers, all of which
Equally beautiful, all of which
Equally not you.
I am no longer able
Maybe I have never been so
For I do not know you
Not truly
Though as I drift through the pages of my past
Smelling that bergamot which clings to the paper
As it clung, like a perfume,
To your olive skin (or was it fair?)
Acquired from all the tea stained mugs
You knew as the friends
May still know
That would sit besides you in that coffee house
Where I saw you
Where I see you still when I sit in that same chair
I sat in, at some point since
Don’t let me forget the subtleties
Your Auburn hair and shy glances
They bring me back to you
If only for a moment
I can’t… grasp it
Your face is as familiar to mine
As that sight of green fields from some
Innocuous painting
By some innocuous painter
That everyone knows
But no one can name
(As I have known since I was but a boy
Sitting beneath a cherry tree
Picking shapes from the clouds)
Even that strains an effort
The arrow drives us relentlessly forward
I will not know you tomorrow
So, let me dream
We are both sitting in that coffee house
As we once both did
But now I sit alone
As I have done for a lifetime


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