Intersection of Paths

“Intersection of Paths”

This oil painting depicts Shibuya Crossing and the Tsutaya Building at 11:00pm on a Tuesday night, in the middle of winter, highlighting the way in which such a place remains busy at almost all times. Whilst the sounds of the city and its billboard speakers cannot be emitted by this painting, an abundance of bright lights, billboards, and people have been included to reflect Shibuya’s lively atmosphere, and to encourage viewers to feel immersed in the scene. In fact, the advertisements depicted within this work capture a moment in time, indicating the music that could be heard whilst crossing this road. 

Given that the intersection is situated beside the famous Hachiko Statue Meeting Place, the intersection itself becomes representative of the act of crossing paths, along with the intertwining and sharing of stories.

Lucinda Campbell

The author Lucinda Campbell

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