Melbourne Again

Words by Mark Daniel Osborne


The smell is first.

No change, and no change 

for the homeless.

Big Issue, 

cashless purchase,

cashlessed purchased?

Manicured blue-collars, 


Add coiffe to the cost of living?

Asked a Golden Stranger for the cheapest beer.

“You remember,” I heard, stopped.

“You’re a member?” she said.

I remembered her, but two years past.

Confused and impressed, but then made sense of.

Energised her with humour, then ordered.

A bird sits upon a stool

Waiting for fries…

Smoking, supping, watching

Like the city I’d left

Changed yet not 

diminished by its familiar rot

Growth within, cracked outside,

Smouldering, smelly, caught with time.

Familiar, because it is mine.

Mark Daniel Osborne

The author Mark Daniel Osborne

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