Monash to Introduce Inter-dimensional Parking 

Dear students,  

When you return to Monash Clayton this year, you’ll notice some changes to parking on campus.  

The start of semester is always a busy time, so take note of any changes that affect your commute to allow extra time for parking and travel.   

We are pleased to announce that, due to advances in technology and the invention of inter-dimensional parking, we are opening one thousand new parking spaces. These parking spaces will be located off Research Way, left of the astral plane and in the void*. The new inter-dimensional carpark will make parking much more convenient for drivers. 

Currently, inter-dimensional parking is only available for staff and faculty members. If you are a blue permit holder, please consider off-campus parking, or other options such as walking or taking public transport to and from Clayton campus.  

Undergraduate students are advised that additional fees will be applied to their tuition to cover the cost of maintaining the inter-dimensional parking generator.  

 Kind regards, 

Buildings and Property 


* Please be aware that when you park in the void, the void parks back in you. Monash University accepts no liability for any damages to your mortal soul incurred while using the inter-dimensional parking.  




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