Plea of a Muslim Immigrant 

Do you even know
what I feel
when you accuse me of terrorism
while I’m on a shopping trip
buying gifts for my family
that waits for me to return home
every ten years 

Do you even know
the misery coursing through my veins
when I hear shouts of:
“Go back where you came from” 

Do you even know
how my heart sinks
when helpless refugees are accused of rape and violence
when all they want is to survive
and the promise of a future 

Do you even know
the betrayal and anger I feel
when ISIS murders, decapitates and kidnaps
in the name of
everything I believe in 

Do you even know
that I’m here for a better life
not to steal your jobs or privileges
and I wouldn’t be here
if there was any other way 

Do you even know
that there are both good and bad people
in the world
so I beg of you
please don’t blame me
for the evils of others 

But alas, you do know about the vicious stories
of those who use my religion
in their messed up minds
for their own criminal agendas 

And I have to continuously apologize
and suffer from torrents of hate
even though I’m not responsible
for their actions 

You often hear the news
of terrorist attacks
and become angry and blind
thinking of the victims’ pain 

At that time
please care to know
that my people back home
endure the same pain every day
at the hands of those same radicals 

And that’s why they are here
and so am I 



By Areej Hassan

Lot's Wife Editors

The author Lot's Wife Editors

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