What do a penis piñata, Catholic boarding school and a plethora of rock musical numbers
have in common? You can find them all in the newest StageArt musical to hit Chapel Off
Chapel, Bare the musical!
Set in the early 2000s, this musical tells the contemporary tale of two star crossed lovers,
Peter and Jason, who along with their fellow classmates struggle with religion, sexuality and
identity. Tension ensues between the two; while Peter plans to come out to his mother,
Jason fights in desperation to keep their relationship and his sexuality a secret, fearing for
his reputation and ultimately, rejection. The tale that ensues examines and critiques the
taboo of their love in the Catholic church, as well as how this affects not only them but their
families and friends
Told through an amalgamation of playful, powerful and sincere musical numbers, vibrant
choreography and a stunning set design, this musical is not one you want to miss out on.
The strong performances from leads Adam Di Martino as Peter and Finn Alexander as Jason
carried the story, delivering a charming, touching and complimentary portrayal of a young
couple deeply in love yet divided. Standout supporting performances included Vanessa
Menjivar in her hilarious role of Sister Chantelle, as well as tongue in cheek Nadia played by
Hannah Grondin.
This is a poignant story about rejection, acceptance and the struggle to lay all your
vulnerabilities to the world, bare.

Get your tickets here, showing till April 15th:

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