The Fall

Words by Ashleigh Dowling


Why would she live her life like this

if God were not real?

So, He must be real.


Cognitive dissonance

keeping her faith in tune.

A cautious melody that tiptoed

between C and E and G.


Why would she have spent so many hours in a church

that they spent so many hours building,

if their god were not real?

So, he must be real.


Sunk costs keeping her faith afloat

upon a smothered sea.

Its creatures curdling beneath

the surface.


Until it all becomes clear to her that

she is a sheep in a lost flock,

a seed sown on a virgin rock,

her foundation just a fragile web of flashing fallacies and

feeble fantasies fashioned all by people.


She lets herself fall through


her whole world frays


she lands on solid ground.

The solid ground is Him. 

Alone. The rock. 


She looks back up towards the sky to see a galaxy

of tragic webs spun,



between trees of institutions, rules, calculations,

glistening with condemnation.

A misstep carrying all the wretched weight of hell



Someday the winds will come, the earth will shake.


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