The Little Leather Book 

Subconscious longing for intellectual, emotional, and personal prosperity dictates our need to create. And when we open our minds to the abilities of notetaking and spontaneous creation, we realize the necessity of such a process. Humankind has forgotten what childhood is. Even children presently do not exercise the imagination, as they are enveloped by the poisonous and ever watching existence of technological advance. The screen has broken the naive, innocent and dreamful state of being in which all originally felt. The little leather book brings together the endearingly gorgeous and effortless art of seamless creation. The largest ideas have started with that little leather book, and sometimes a key to dark places may be found within. 

Rather than reaching to the pocket in the grasp of a mobile phone, beings should reach for the little leather book. The book comes with no expectation, but only the sense of ability and hope. We shouldn’t be chained to it like we are our phones, but we should be in love with it. 

The plains drift endlessly amongst the pastel landscape, covered with a dense and wild shrub. The scene highlights perfect balance, as it is split perfectly in a ratio between cloud and ground. You’d want to grab fistfuls of the sky and eat them, as wind drifts carelessly amongst your skin and hair. The elements are your friend. A long forgotten love humans have always had with nature. Wild animals inhabit the lands in which you stand, lurking in the dark. You run. You feel the essence in which you took for granted when you were seven years old. The physical and psychological fitness of childhood. You could run ten miles and not ever feel the need to stop. The life of an artist should be the life of a human. Fitness is an aura which may be both physical and mental, that all may achieve. This land you have been in, this purely hypnotic, unstressful, surreal and organic scene has been the realm of the little leather book. 

Go and live. Go and breathe the air outside. Go and taste the most exotic foods that humankind could create. Go and immerse yourself amongst the great artistic wonders of modern society. Go and exercise your mind and body. Go and write as though you could do nothing else. Go and hear the most unique and exhilarating music you could possibly imagine. Appreciate the grandiose architecture of the old and new world. Go and treat your family, friends and spouse as though you would rather be nowhere else. Go and smile. Go and laugh. Go and live. 

The little leather book is for treasuring those memories you have, and cannot capture again. Photos are not the answer to remembrance because photos only capture the visual aspects of life. Remembering back to a moment in one’s life consists of not just visuals, nor just other senses. But a densely romantic and mesmerizing experiential atmosphere that cannot be replicated. The little leather book is no substitute for the momentary living but carries with it more than any other experiential capsule, a pure and mystical existence. 

Come back to the moment when you first felt happy, come back to it and find out why. You can always feel happy, even at the hardest time. Most of the happiness we may feel comes from remembering past events or people. Rather than dwell on the negative, dwell on the prosperously positive and beautiful. We are all one living organ, and we all long for the same thing. To be loved requires us to love. If we take and take, and give nothing in return, how can we expect the goodness of life? Depreciating spirits fill this hollow society. Everyone needs to access their priorities and reform their lives so that their desires are no longer clouded by screens. Every time you check your feed on Facebook, you are wasting away like a decaying building left in ruins. 

Imagine once more, that beautiful landscape so full of liberty and freedom. Such is a metaphor for life. The romantically endearing description of such a place is in need of imagination to be grasped. Now recreate a stone building, menacingly looming within this golden landscape. Imagine the decaying hollowness of such a dingy home. This structure is you. But it was once beautiful, and not attached to the ground in which it is built. Open your eyes, and understand the adorable, the valuable, the enlightening sweetness of the little leather book. 

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