The uncommon cold: what to do this winter

Illustration by Lucie Cester

How cold is it right now?!”- Pretty much every Victorian, every winter.

So it’s June, when we Melbournians start to envy our northern brethren who continue enjoy 30-degree sunshine during the following few months.  Or maybe you are one of those strange people that like the cold. Either way, the following activities will help you to either unleash your inner ice warrior out in the snow, or help you weather the winter weather from the safe haven of the indoors.


Mount Buller

Mount Buller lies in the Alpine region of Victoria, about 3 hours’ drive from Melbourne. A popular site for sporting enthusiasts as well as first-time snow visitors, Mount Buller is a must for this winter. With opportunities to ski, toboggan, snowboard and mountain bike. Depending on accommodation requirements, things can get a bit pricey, so try to book as early as possible.


Mount Stirling

Mount Stirling is a mountain range that is about 30 minutes away from Mount Buller, and provides a more student friendly option as events and activities are cheaper than the other snow mountains in the area. Mount Stirling is a quieter option than its bigger brother Mount Buller, and offers the chance not only snowboard and ski but also to recharge and camp under the stars in refuge huts.


Queen Victoria Night Market

Every Wednesday night from 5-10pm, the Queen Victoria Market turns into a bustling hub of people, food and drink. Some stalls also have vintage knick-knacks and hand-crafted ornaments. Punters can choose from over 30 stalls of delicious, great and comforting winter foods from all kinds of cultures, accompanied with delicious mulled wine or hot apple cider! Cost depends on how much you like to eat!


Royal Botanic Gardens Greenhouses

Want a taste of the tropics during the Melbourne winter for free? Go visit the hot houses in the Royal Botanic Gardens. According to the website, winter is the best time to explore the steamy houses. Aside from its breathtaking landscapes and Australian plant life and variety of birds, turtles and other little creatures that call the area home, the Royal Botanic Gardens also have super warm greenhouses! Perfect cost-free way to beat the winter chill right? Filled with exotic plants that are native to tropical climates, these greenhouses will warm you up and give you something to look at!

 High Tea

Tea will always be a comforting hug in a mug, and winter is the perfect time to get fancy and enjoy some warm drinks and delectable treats in good company! Considering how the average cost of high tea in Melbourne is around the $50-$60 mark, High Tea in Paris offers a great deal with tea for two for only $20 on weekdays. The Parisian styled tearoom is located in Mornington, about 45 minutes from Clayton campus. Opening hours are Wednesday – Friday from 10:30am – 3:30pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10:30am – 5:00pm.


Readings Bookshop – Carlton

There’s nothing better than being in a warm bookshop browsing the walls for the perfect book while it’s pouring outside and Readings in Carlton should be your go-to bookshop this winter. But wait, this isn’t just any other bookshop… This Melbourne bookshop won the London Book fairs award for best bookshop… IN THE WORLD. So as Melbournians, we have a duty to pay a visit and take pride in this amazing achievement.


Cat Café

It’s no surprise that Australia’s first cat café opened up in Melbourne! Hipsters, cat lovers and crazy cat ladies unite! Cat café Melbourne is a tranquil space designed to let you unwind in a kitty-filled environment. From $10, you will be able to pet, play and chill out with 14 playful and cheeky cats. The website claims that interacting with cats is proven to reduce stress and anxiety – something us university students can really make use of. If you’d like to make some feline friends, you’ll find them at 375 Queen Street, but make sure to book through the website first.


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