A Word Of Welcome From Your MSA President

Freya Logan- MSA President
MSA President Freya Logan


While the majority of you have been frolicking about at the beach and enjoying your holidays for the last few weeks, the 2013 Monash Student Association office bearers have surrendered their summer freedom, hunching over desks and sweating profusely in the name of student unionism everywhere.

We had the pleasure of hearing first-hand from our freshly instated President, Freya Logan, what the MSA is all about.

“The MSA is your student union, working to better the experience of you as students,” Logan says. “Most importantly we run advocacy campaigns to help students out when they feel they are being treated unfairly or have issues with their education and the University.”

In addition, the MSA is responsible for overseeing events such as AXP and Oktoberfest, volunteering, Host Scheme, activist campaigns, Clubs & Societies, MUISS, MAPS, Sir John’s Bar, Wholefoods, MSA Tuesdays, Free Food Mondays, MSA Members’ Day, and many other activities on and around campus throughout the year.

Freya herself has been heavily involved with the MSA since beginning her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010.

“I started out by helping the MSA out with barbecues, and getting petitions signed on issues surrounding University funding, getting a dentist on campus, and establishing the 601 bus service,” the History major explained.

Since then, Freya has held a position on the Student Affairs Committee in 2011, and was appointed MSA Secretary in 2012, before being nominated President in the annual student elections last September.

Quality and equitable education has always been Freya’s motivating passion, and it shows through her grand plans as MSA president.

“Myself and my team have a whole heap of goals for the MSA this year,” she promises.

Within the collective field of focus for the year lie the following priorities:

  • Persuade a commitment from the University around the issue of fee de-regulation
  • Ensure that the University values student representation and the student voice, in view of having cut students from University councils
  • Ensure that all students are enrolled to vote Campaigning for better quality and cheaper car parking around campus
  • Complete renovations on the Women’s, Queer & MUISS lounges in the Student Centre
  • Make scholarships available through the University for queer students
  • Ensure that the on-campus dentist will provide student payment rates
  • Investigate the possibility of a Disabilities Officer for the MSA Maintain a regular and varied range of events to engage all students

Crucially, the MSA has already secured SSAF funding and have signed an agreement with the University ensuring that said funding will continue until 2014. This means, thanks to those pesky Student Service and Amenities Fees we all pay periodically, the MSA is in a secure position to run the events, campaigns and services that directly benefit the student body at large.

“This is a super important year for higher education, student unionism and getting stuff done in the name of Monash students,” Logan says.

Here at Lot’s Wife we are looking forward to working with our fellow MSA members throughout the year, and keeping up to date with all of their hard work and antics. For now, we would like to extend our best wishes to all of the elected office bearers for 2013:

President: Freya Logan

Secretary: Ben Zocco

Treasurer: Samantha Towler

Education Officer (Academic Affairs): Ben Knight

Education Officers (Public Affairs): Sarah Christie & John Jordan

Welfare Officer: Alexandra Bryant

Female Queer Officer: Cam Peter

Male Queer Officer: Asher Cameron

Women’s Officers: Adria Castelluci & Sally-Anne Jovic

Activities Chairperson: Amy Clyne

Environment & Social Justice Officers: Rory Knight & Tamara Vekich

…and of course,

Lot’s Wife Editors: Florence Roney & Matthew Campbell

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