Afghan Women Back to the Limbo

Words by Mavi

Art by Hella


Following the Taliban takeover in 2021, the Taliban promised that women would be
afforded their rights, whether in work, education, or society. Now the Taliban ask women to
stay at home and wear head-to-toe burqas, the rules which the Taliban applied between
1996 and 2001.

The list of Taliban infringements on the rights of women and young ladies is long and
developing. The Taliban designated an all-male cabinet. They removed the Service of
Women’s Issues and supplanted it with the Service of Bad habit and Ideals, which issued the
foremost later arrangement. They prohibited auxiliary instruction for young women and
girls and prohibited women from nearly all employments. They blocked women from
traveling long separations or clearing out the nation alone. They disassembled the
framework to ensure women and young women from viciousness and made it difficult for
them to urge wellbeing care. They issued unused rules for how women must dress and carry
on. They implement these rules through savagery.

Women were brutally beaten, publicly flogged, and killed for violating Taliban decrees. Even
after international condemnation, the Taliban made only slight changes. Some say it was
progress when the Taliban allowed a few women doctors and nurses to work, even while
hospitals still had segregated wards for women. In Kabul and other cities, a few home
schools for girls operated in secret. In addition, women who conducted home schools were
risking their lives or a severe beating.

Women in Afghanistan were educated and utilized earlier to the Taliban control, particularly
within the capital city Kabul and other major cities over the nation. For case, 50% of the
understudies and 60% of the instructors at Kabul College were ladies. In expansion 70% of
school instructors, 50% of civilian government specialists, and 40% of specialists in Kabul
were women. The Taliban claimed to take after an immaculate, fundamentalist Islamic
belief system, however, the abuse they executed against women had no premise in Islam.
Inside Islam, women are permitted to win and control their possess cash, and to take part in
open life. The 55-member Organization of Islamic Conference denied recognizing the
Taliban as Afghanistan’s official government. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, respected
by numerous as an ultraconservative organization, censured the Taliban’s orders.

Afghan women and girls made enormous contributions to their country. Achieving peace,
stability and economic development requires their equal participation in shaping
Afghanistan’s future. Afghan women should be free to choose how they express themselves
in accordance with their faith and have the right to move freely in society.

All Afghans ought to be able to appreciate their essential human rights. These rights are
unbreakable and unavoidable, communicated in universal human rights law, and supported
by all individuals of the Joined together Countries.

The international community cannot consider these recent directives as isolated decisions.
The Taliban have taken other actions that limit the human rights of women and girls.

We call on the Taliban to re-evaluate choices which compel the correct of women and young girls to
form their possess choices, pick up an instruction, work, and take part similarly in society.

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