Cultural Facade

Words by Stoic Facade


All their speeches start the same way, with an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land in which we are meeting day 

And yet these same individuals continue to discrete their land and spit on their graves 



This ambition, this past, this present is twisted 

Their life, their struggle, their journey is unassisted

We hold out our hands grasping for a connection 

Yet, were stunned about the wall they have, you know

the one we erected

And we begin to turn the page into a new chapter

But we are unaware of the blood and gore left behind by our dream time extractor

And continue perpetuate our cultural significance 

Building an Australian identity filled with immigrants

All while the indigenous 

Is pushed further and further away from relevance. 


Australia is a land filled with foreign Races

Yet, Those across shores try to picture Australian faces

Eyes Blue, Hair Blonde

Nose small, brains gone 

Our national legacy celebrates the bloodshed 

Limbs separated; mothers castrated we’re losing to much blood to function 

And we try to make amends by trading amenities for forgiveness, like an unholy transaction

We have been waiting since 2006 to close the gap that aint legislated action 

That’s an overdue reaction 

To decades of suppression filled with sinister condemnation 

Bringing them western promise and the same Black and white Western presentation

And yet we pride ourselves on our multicultural etiquette 

But behind the curtain Australia Day is part of the country’s imperial skeleton.


Stoic Facade

The author Stoic Facade

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