Content Warning: Discussion of Mental Health

sometimes the falling feels like flying, 

sometimes my head is calm without even trying. 

sometimes it enters all at once and at other times not at all, 

sometimes it hurts to speak, to listen, to walk, or even to crawl. 

sometimes I want to curl up into myself and to become as small as i can, 

sometimes I want to lay in bed all day and do nothing more than.

sometimes it hurts to feel so much, 

sometimes it feels like I will break, even with just the slightest touch. 

sometimes I feel so alive, as if feeling in every single hue, 

sometimes I feel there isn’t enough time, there’s just so much to do. 

sometimes it wants to be nice to me, filling me with so much glee, 

sometimes it wants to be the worst, pulling me under a cold, harsh sea. 

sometimes your brain can be the best and worst place to be. 

sometimes I love it for the immense amount of creativity that it brings, 

sometimes I hate it for the dark pieces it creates, drawing eyes and wings. 

sometimes the flying feels like falling. 

sometimes there will be those who understand you aren’t just stalling, 

and I will always be so grateful for those who don’t give up on calling.


The author Elle.F

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