The Perfect Girl Next Door

Zoe Elektra

The Perfect Girl Next Door

Words by Tavisshi

Content Warning: contains mentions of self harm and eating disorders


everybody loved her
the “perfect girl next door’”
she was always so perfect
a fi tted pastel dress,
shoes to match, hair pulled back in a ponytail
not a single strand astray
she always said “good morning”
with a smile and a wave
never putting a toe out of line
she was the “perfect girl next door”
her smile so deceiving
no one thought to look behind the curtains
no one saw the real her
the crescent moons carved into her palms
the tear stained cheeks hidden under foundation
the strands of hair she pulled at
the rough fi ngers at the back of her throat
as she emptied out her lunch
The “perfect girl next door”
the words you’d use to describe her
the words she hated the most
Why does she have to be perfect?
Why does she have to look and feel and be a certain way
Is it too bad to be diff erent?
Is it too bad if she wants to cut her hair short?
and wear boots instead of heels?
What wrong does it do if she is a size 12 instead of two?
Who does it hurt if she is just herself?
Why do we make her feel
so pressured to be someone else?
She doesn’t have to be
The “perfect girl next door”
And that’s okay.

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