Artist Profile: Leah Hume

Name: Leah Hume

Age: 22

Favourite colour: Turquoise Green

Describe your style:I utilise a curated colour palette, using greens as a strong point of growth. There is a lot of emphasis on crafty line work and shape. I like to focus on what makes an individual and their identity.

How long have you been designing/illustrating for? I have been designing since high school – so about 10 years. I have been illustrating properly for about 3 years though.

What is your favourite thing about Lot’s Wife? I love the diversity in topics that Lot’s Wife cover. You don’t shy away from interesting and sometimes non-conservative subjects. I love the long history that comes with Lot’s Wife (being in print since 1964) – it’s pretty cool that one of its notable contributors includes Michael Leunig too!

What is your all-time favourite Artwork? This is a hard one and I think changes quite frequently, but at the moment I really love New Zealand artist Electra Sinclair’s portraits and have always loved Kelly Thompson’s feminine illustrative style within her works.

Below are some of Leah’s work, but make sure you check out each edition of Lot’s Wife Magazine to see more! (Edition 2’s cover image may look familiar). Also check out her website and social platforms!




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‘Gemma’ Mixed media 42 x 59 cm 2017


‘In the Eye of the Beholder’ Digital print 2018


‘Vera’ Digital print 2017


‘Muchos Cactos’ (I & II) Gouache on wood 30x45cm 2018

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