This piece was first published in Edition 2, 2021


I’ve been looking for a feeling

I lost her somewhere way up there

in the abyss

among all the lost balloons I can still

see if I close my eyes and ask for 



or good faith

(or you)


light demands entry into this space you aren’t –

light carves into my hollows

fills out the caves you left behind

finds homes between the blurry lines

you were so good at drawing; I tried once

but my heart got in the way of my fingers

along with all the other things I never saw 

coming and I know I said you never changed me

but do you believe in second chances

there was a time I tied you to a balloon

and thought I let you go

but the longer gravity takes

the more it feels like there is something still

holding on

there is something still

tethering me

or I am still

anchoring you

and it feels like everything

and nothing

at once

(the rain holds her breath)

so if you love me come quickly

if you ever loved me come quickly

. . .

I’ve been looking for a feeling

and I don’t know where I am

but I don’t think it’s very far

so keep the door open for me

(I’ll call you when I get there)


Photo with yellow and red flowering bushes in the foreground, and trees and a blue sky in the background, with lens flare.

Art by Myles Blum

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