Kat Kennedy

This piece was first published in Lot’s Wife Edition 1, 2021

Content warning: isolation, lockdown themes.


I speak to my homeworld.

But I don’t live there now. It’s just nice to know it exists behind my screens.


I watch you making circles around the sun. 

It has no bearing on my artificial schedule up here. I sleep and wake when I can.


What do I look like up here? 

I haven’t checked for a long time, but my hair has become bizarre. Every time I take a spacewalk I have to suit up. 


No, of course I’m not bored. 

For every rotation of the sun I have my little task list. When I get inert I tell ground control to blast music at me. Always sounds like they’re having a good time, wherever the music is. 


Hold that thought – I’ll see you very soon.


Take care of yourself pls. 


Not much. For now I’m gonna seal my pod and delay going down to the new surface.


How lucky we are.



A polaroid of a person with long hair, taking a photo of themselves in the mirror of a shadowy bathroom.

Photo by Kat Kennedy

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