Thank you, but the party is over

Words by Caitlin Graham

Art by Caitlin Graham


I am grateful to have been given life, in any form

Because I have received so much of it already.


I have received love and light, but it has also been taken

I have been immersed in a dream that’s too beautiful to be fake


I have only fallen in love enough times to fill my soul

Every day, that love becomes more about me and there is less for him.


The universe clearly has its favourites.

In some aspects, yes, I am one of them,


But I also became aware that

I was a child who had to grow old, so young.


And I don’t know if this feeling will last forever,

But I do know it will not consume me.


My longing to be understood becomes balanced

On my desire to understand, all that is ahead for me,


And the road ahead paves a unique walkway for me, and only me,

Far beyond my tainted childhood imagination.


One that is far and free,

And long and varied.


Because this one is the best life, better than the ones before

And better than the ones that are still yet to come.


So I will thank him for his input–

But the party (for us) is thankfully over


Caitlin Graham

The author Caitlin Graham

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