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Rumblings in the Music Department

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Last year, there were cuts to the arts faculty. Staff were laid off, contact hours decreased, class sizes increased, and learning content was moved online. The dramatic changes were obvious to everyone; and thanks to the public posters, meetings and protests on campus throughout the year - difficult to ignore. Quietly, the cuts made their way into the halls of the loudest faculty on campus, the music school. This is where I study Classical Composition. During October last year, near the end of the second semester, students in the Classical Composition stream and the Creative Music Technology stream were notified
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PSA from your Education (Academic Affairs) Team!

It’s Week 9 here at Monash. We’re getting to the stage where students feel increasingly isolated. Exams are creeping closer, and major assessments are being submitted and returned. Study consumes our daily life, and most of our work is done solo and online, without the help of peers and without physical interaction. This is a tough time for many students. Issues frequently arise such as the late return of assignments, lack of substantive feedback, limited practice questions and study spaces. Tens of thousands of Monash students believe they have not been provided with the resources and assistance necessary to prepare
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Increased Indigenous Engagement in Tertiary Education  

As Indigenous enrolment in tertiary education continues to climb, issues which adversely affect the retention and potential enrolments of Indigenous students become even more apparent. A 2015 Charles Darwin University study found that from 2007 to 2013 there has been an increase of Indigenous enrolment in tertiary education, by 45 per cent. However, the study also reported a large disparity with completion rates, with indigenous students far more likely to dropout. The enrolment numbers continue to grow with Indigenous Bachelor of Science student at Monash University. One of the Indigenous Officers for the Monash Student Association (MSA) Krystal De Napoli said:
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Student live tweets 3 hour Tutorial

Just Another Sleep Deprived Uni Student: @rip_rotunda2363 | 1:57 pm  Do I have time to grab a mango magic from @boostjuiceoz before my tute?    2:02 pm  Turns out, I did not.    2:04 pm I should really invest in a shirt with ‘Shows up 10 minutes late to class with a Boost’ on the front    2:06 pm  If only classes still started 5 past the hour I would have been on time …    2:09 pm  For the love of God why did I put up my hand when the tutor asked who HADN’T done the reading   
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Re: No lecture recordings or laptops in this unit 

  Dear Professor,    I write in reply to your email regarding your policy to not release lecture recordings for this unit or to not allow the use of laptops to take notes during your lectures. While you argue that both these policies ensure a heightened learning experience for your students, it is my argument that your policies are in fact detrimental to your students’ learning.    Students these days work to eat. Government payments that low-income students receive are not enough. Without a part-time job to fill the gap, a choice is made between paying the bills and eating. An article
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Attention all students! eExams are now being rolled out at Monash University! Streamlined marking procedures, faster return of exams, and comfortable digital technology – all for your benefit! What a wonderful world we live in and a wonderful university Monash University is!    What was that? Yes, you did not hear wrong. Monash has just launched its first trial for computerised exams. With lectures now available electronically and torrented eBooks perpetuating the genocide of hardcopy textbooks, it was only a matter of time before online exams became a reality. Who still uses paper to take down lecture notes anyway?    So, how
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Free De-Ranged? 

Eggs. That pesky $14 transaction popping up most Sunday mornings when we are barely able to coordinate ourselves to put the avo on the toast, after a big Saturday night. Scanning the menu, we’re relieved - they’re free range, the ethical alternative, right? You know, happy hens pecking under blue skies in lush green fields? Ok, so while we know there’s heavy marketing involved (thanks Coles and Curtis Stone), most of us associate free range with healthier hens, spared from the confines of cages. But thanks to the Federal Government’s new labelling laws, will free range actually be the better
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Hack Patrol Edition 1: Your Guide to Student Politics

hack patrol 1
It’s summer here in the capitalist wasteland of Monash Clayton, and it’s all going down at the Monash Student Association (MSA). The hallways (and the President’s office) have undergone an urgently needed paint job, a 12-year incumbency has been ousted, and the fluorescent lights are shining as bright as the sun that never shines on our hallowed halls.
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A Cardinal Sin: Lot’s Wife Torn to Shreds at Mannix

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Lot’s Wife is the official student magazine of Monash Clayton. It is a free publication that volunteers commit hours and hours to every week, so that we can provide news to the Monash community, and showcase the voices of our fellow students throughout the year. As an Editor of Lot’s Wife, I am immensely proud of what our community has achieved this year, and I have given this magazine nothing short of my entire heart and soul. While holding a public position means that you open yourself up to negative feedback from time to time, that is something that I
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