Lot's Wife

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After three years of studying performance theory and creating works within the university campus, it was an incredibly exciting opportunity for us, a group of final year students from the Bachelor of Performing Arts, to take our work to the Coopers Malthouse Theatre’s Tower Theatre.

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A Degree of Uncertainty

Whether you study another language, criminology, politics, literature, or behavioural studies within your Arts degree, “accessing another culture and world view”, as Professor Frances puts it, will ultimately open your eyes to the world beyond university, and expand your version of the real world.

There’s no party like a snow party 0

There’s no party like a snow party

This winter has begun, and had been confirmed by both meteorologists and sad university students scurrying between warm buildings, to be one of the coldest Melbourne has experienced in years. On the night of the Snow Party, temperatures in the Lemon-Scented Lawn hovered just above freezing and far below comfortable.

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Winterfest – Winter Blues

As winter continues to unleash its relentless tirade of misery and rain on us, Monash’s inaugural Winterfest invites students, staff, friends and family to join together for a week of good food, music and entertainment to help us get through the cold winter nights.

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Mama Alto

That is quintessential Mama Alto. Equal parts sassy and fabulous, she describes herself as “resplendent diva”, “cabaret goddess”, “jazz singer goddess” and “creature of sequins.”

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Equal access – don’t shut us out

“We’ve always maintained that the issue is not as simple as sheer laziness…Recently though, something was bought to the attention of the MSA Education (Academic Affairs) and Disabilities and Carers department that brought this home for us and prompted us to start our new campaign, Equal Access.”