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The Rise of Depressing Meme Culture 

Sad Homie Memes – Sad Depressing Meme 2
Cambridge Dictionary definition of ‘meme’.  Noun   SPECIALISED BIOLOGY: a cultural feature or a type of behaviour that is passed from one generation to another, without the influence of genes  SPECIALISED INTERNET AND TELECOMS: an idea, image, video that is spread very quickly on the internet.  There is an art to tagging friends in memes on Facebook. First, find the perfect meme. Second, make the connection to the friend who’d appreciate it. Third, be timely because no one wants to be tagged in a meme they saw yesterday.   It has almost become a cultural custom these days to tag and be
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Essendon decide Bomber Thompson was onto something and will move into the frozen water business

Following the Bombers fourth loss in a row to Carlton on Sunday, they have decided the whole footy thing just isn’t their cup of tea. “The drug scandal was a sign that we blatantly missed, we should have cut our losses and just moved into the business,” Bombers CEO Xavier Campbell said. “It was a great branding opportunity for us,” Mr Campbell said. Though winter is on Victoria’s doorstep, the Bombers are confident they can fill a niche in the growing market. Essendon are currently calling for ideas as to what they should call their product. The current front runners
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Big Cat, Bigger Story.

The hunt for a fabled panther and the “fake news” surrounding it: It all started with a seemingly innocuous Facebook post. Douglas Chapman, a well-meaning, lonely, and argumentative retiree of Rosebud had taken to the ‘Southern Mornington Peninsula Noticeboard’ to vent his frustration with the new roadside safety barriers running alongside the Mornington Peninsula Freeway. “Never have I seen such a lacklustre effort for road safety,” he complained. Those “freeway noodles” wouldn’t save anybody, they are “looser than my bingo wings”. And a few people agreed that he had a point; a boring and pernickety point that would soon be
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Hack Patrol Edition 1: Your Guide to Student Politics

hack patrol 1
It’s summer here in the capitalist wasteland of Monash Clayton, and it’s all going down at the Monash Student Association (MSA). The hallways (and the President’s office) have undergone an urgently needed paint job, a 12-year incumbency has been ousted, and the fluorescent lights are shining as bright as the sun that never shines on our hallowed halls.
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Making News at Monash

Rachael Welling brings you the news from the week that definitely, absolutely happened. Student Walking Through Campus Centre During Election Week Just Really Had To Call Their Mum A Monash Clayton Student has today apologised after urgently needing to make a phone call as they walked through the Campus Centre on the first day of the MSA Student Elections. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was seen hurriedly making a phone call at the exact moment they were approached by campaigners. “I was actually looking forward to being swamped with flyers and questions as to whether or not I’ve
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Has Youth Culture Gone Too Far?

Gamer Culture (Hugh Brooks)
  If you have attended university, you have probably run into some of the more “unpleasant” individuals roaming the campus. You can’t always tell at first, but as you get to know your fellow peers, it quickly becomes apparent that some of them have an agenda to push. It can start out as an innocent joke or remark, but the more you learn, the more you realise these people spend their days living in a fantasy, detached from reality. You soon understand that they spend their evenings sitting in a dark room lit solely by a computer screen, typing furious
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A Sonnet for the Menzies Revolving Doors

Menzies Doors (Kim Tran)
  You know of which I speak there are five doors Stupid dumb and just a bit moronic Through these doors do we pass each morn in scores But for the pain it would be so comic Stop start all day so that I have but flinched Every time do they force your walk to halt The man who chose these dumb doors must be pinched We must find he who is so much at fault How can it be for them to work so hard Always at least one door out of order In my morning walk does it
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Coffee: The Rise of Modernity: Book Review

Coffee Review (Joanne Fong)
  ‘Just as Darwin discovered the law of development or organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history: the simple fact, hitherto concealed by an overgrowth of ideology, that mankind must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, etc. …’ – Frederich Engels, 1883 So begins Dmitri Gallo’s spirited and sometimes controversial history. Adopting the dusty Marxist thesis that ideas and social forces in history are ultimately at the mercy of economic and technological developments, Gallo suggests that the centre of world history is actually your
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Burnt in Bali

unnamed copy
No moisturiser, no drink and certainly no lawyer. On the afternoon following the Brexit vote I woke up in my suite on the bottom floor of the Komaneka Bisma- an expansive property on the edge of Ubud, a village in central Bali. As I woke up, I was greeted to a slow-burning pain all across my stomach and inner thighs, the previous day’s post-lunch lounge by the pool having left me with such severe sunburn that scores of empty Aloe Vera bottles lay sprawled around my bed. My journey to the shower proved difficult, pockets of green sludge unsteadied my
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How To Be The Best ‘Modern Man’ You Can Be

How to be a Modern Man
  Men. Lads. Fellas. Boys. Blokes. Mates. However you salute your fellow man. It feels like the pressure on us to be gentleman with the women and down at the pub with our mates is ever increasing. But of course, we are up to the challenge. After having mulled on what we have to do to conquer our critics, I wanted to help out blokes experiencing the same questions. This is how I wrote out this list, and reckon it’ll serve some of you well. Life is all about sticking up for your mates. Your mum, girlfriend, brothers and mates
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Somewhere in Australia

Claire was bad at maths, Iffah at science and Kevin at social interactions. But none of that mattered, because together they were the ultimate team for the job. Tasked with saving the world from an impending alien attack, the trio sat in the abandoned Hargrave-Andrew library of Monash University, devising their next move. The Earth had acted quickly in the face of its approaching doom. The alien ship appeared in the sky at 5:32pm Eastern standard time on Sunday the 26th of March and by Monday the 27th of August the following year, the world’s leaders had finally reached the
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