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Arts Precinct Checkerboard

Arts Precinct Checkerboard – Lucinda Campbell
Art by Lucinda Campbell Oil on Canvas   Arts Precinct Checkerboard uses the motif of a checkerboard to explore the challenges faced by emerging artists in seeking to enter the art world. By depicting Melbourne’s Hamer hall in black and white, and including a gridded tiled ground, the artists become metaphorically immersed in a game like that of chess, where each artistic decision becomes a deciding factor regarding their position in the industry. The theme of mind, body, spirit is displayed by this, for movement through the industry is intended to represent the body, decisions are intended to represent the
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To Be Safe During a Pandemic

Station Shrusti Mohanty
This poem and artwork were both first published in Lot’s Wife Edition 3, 2021. Content warning: pandemic.   I am sitting in my balcony as I write this. Like the sky, my mind is gloomy.    I’m thinking about those who’ve lost their lives and those who had to watch them leave. Helpless cries and screams that I hear through my screen. It’s hard to believe, because I’m safe and privileged and away from reality.    So, have I experienced a pandemic? I’d say no! Because a yes would be a slap in the face to millions, and I’m not
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10 drinks you can make with Goon and a little craftiness. 

Goon.   It’s not only an Australian classic but a budget-friendly, travel safe beverage. Because of this, it defaults as every student’s dream drink of choice, but for reasons unbeknownst to myself, it gets a bad rap.   Okay, maybe it’s because goon comes in bag form, where the eager mouths of reckless youths await its direct pour. Or maybe it’s because of the quality, taste, and texture the wine lacks itself. Either way, we have a solution.   With these goon-tastic recipes, you’re bound to up the street cred of our trusted mate goon, and perhaps even help it gain a few
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Mama Alto – Countertenor Diva

This article was originally published in Lot's Wife Edition 5: Identity AD: Where did Mama Alto come from? As a child I felt so at a loss in this world because for so many reasons, my identity did not fit into the mainstream – along racial lines, gender lines, sexuality lines… When to me it seems lines don’t need to be drawn in that way. Mama Alto was the nickname given to me in high school choir, because I was like a mother hen (not to mention bossy) and because of my high singing voice (in an alto, or countertenor,
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The Museum Of Old And New Art

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We’re on the ferry to MONA and it feels a little like we’re being taken to some secret, evil lair.  As we reach the jetty, staff in stiff black coats usher us up over 100 stairs cut into beautiful faces of natural sandstone. We are given iPod touches and a quick tutorial on how to use the MONA ‘O’ app, then take a spiral staircase through a bed of rust- and sand-coloured stone to the basement level of the museum. Since MONA opened in January 2011 it has received critical acclaim from around the world and become a drawcard for
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