Memories of a Festival

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The atmosphere was intoxicating. A proliferation of smoke was brought to the forefront of my awareness by the scents of tobacco and cannabis, giving way to pungent notes of amyl, alcohol, and sweat only when carried away by an all too rare breeze.   Within the sea of people, the air was stale and warm. One could only breach the surface by standing on their toes to take a breath of anything that wasn't an odious mixture of carbon dioxide. My shoulders were pressed against five other people; personal space was a foreign concept here. I was in Melbourne, Australia, standing
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Review: Bare the Musical

Tom New
What do a penis piñata, Catholic boarding school and a plethora of rock musical numbers have in common? You can find them all in the newest StageArt musical to hit Chapel Off Chapel, Bare the musical! Set in the early 2000s, this musical tells the contemporary tale of two star crossed lovers, Peter and Jason, who along with their fellow classmates struggle with religion, sexuality and identity. Tension ensues between the two; while Peter plans to come out to his mother, Jason fights in desperation to keep their relationship and his sexuality a secret, fearing for his reputation and ultimately,
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Life in the underground   

In the vastness of so called Melbourne’s concrete jungle, on the stolen lands of the Kulin nations, there's a place unlike any other. It is a home for an enchanting and remarkable collection of zines, comics and artworks. Within these zines is evidence of the evolution of xerography. An abundance of crayons and pencils. A humble photocopier going about its daily routine.  A friendly volunteer awaiting questions. A place of radical thought and experimental ideas. Life in these shadowed corners has produced extraordinary results. This is a place of awe.   The Sticky Institute.   A zine is a small-circulation, self-published, handmade
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