Life in the underground   

In the vastness of so called Melbourne’s concrete jungle, on the stolen lands of the Kulin nations, there's a place unlike any other. It is a home for an enchanting and remarkable collection of zines, comics and artworks. Within these zines is evidence of the evolution of xerography. An abundance of crayons and pencils. A humble photocopier going about its daily routine.  A friendly volunteer awaiting questions. A place of radical thought and experimental ideas. Life in these shadowed corners has produced extraordinary results. This is a place of awe.   The Sticky Institute.   A zine is a small-circulation, self-published, handmade
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Joining MUST is a must!

Awakening – MUST 2017 Directed by Daniel Lammin. Photographer Theresa Harrison new
Monash University Student Theatre (MUST) is a theatre company that creates vibrant, innovative performances by and with Monash students, for all audiences. Our work is bold, diverse and of an excellent standard, attracting awards such as the Melbourne Fringe Live Art Award (2015) and great reviews: “they create the kind of theatre that blows me away every time…” Sometimes Melbourne (2016); “A radical and devastatingly effective adaptation…brilliant, deeply moving…” The Age (2017 of Awakening) The MUST community is widespread and our graduates are making a significant impact throughout the national arts sector. Students are involved in every area at MUST: direction,
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Review: Blue

Released earlier this week, Blue is an Australian-made documentary covering humanity’s impact on our big beautiful blue ocean. At only 113 minutes long, the production team got this documentary just right, combining stunning global seascapes with poignant narration from those who have witnessed first-hand the consequences of human consumerism on ocean ecosystems. We are taken to various places around the globe, each location with a new narrator offering insight into another unexpected consequence of our modern lifestyle. Through these excursions to different places, the film manages to present the impacts of overfishing, plastic use, coal mining, greenhouse gas pollution, climate
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